CYM’s History

Concerned and frustrated with the gaps and inequities for assessments and treatment programs, especially for low and middle-income families, a volunteer group of parents along with Toronto child psychiatrist Dr. Maged Kodsi came together in 1999 to look at various solutions. CYM received its charitable registration in 2004 and set out to make a positive difference in the lives of children with neuropsychological disorders – by providing education, resources and support for children, parents, educators and health professionals so these children can achieve their highest potential as they grow to become confident, competent and caring individuals.

CYM co-sponsored and participated in a Toronto-area childhood depression awareness day and has delivered several education courses and seminars for parents and educators. They have developed and piloted a successful Parent-to-Parent Support Program that provides emotional support and information to families by matching a trained parent in a one-to-one relationship with a newly referred parent and family. Computers donated by NORTEL and IBM have been distributed by CYM to assist children with their school work and to enhance their learning experience. Fundraising has enabled CYM to provide additional computers and specialized software and support to students who are struggling because of their disorder. Grants have also been made for specialized tutoring for children to help them with school work.

Since receiving charitable registration, the board of CYM has been creating a long-term strategic plan, providing initial programs, preparing communications and information resources and raising funds to provide much-needed programs and services.

CYM envisions a society where all children with neuropsychological disorders, and their families, receive a full range of services in a timely fashion to ensure the successful social, educational, and developmental outcomes for these children. We want to significantly reduce the long-term complications associated with these medical conditions and their impact on individuals, families and society.

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