What Can Parents and Friends do?

Do you have a child, or a friend who has been diagnosed, or you suspect might have an NPD? If so, the best thing you can do for them, and for you, is to follow these steps:

In Case of a Crisis

Go to your nearest emergency room if you feel that your child or anyone else in his environment is not safe. This is a medical emergency, you shouldn’t wait. No one should feel embarrassed to seek help.

Proper Professional Assessment

Make sure you get a proper assessment, to ensure you know what you are dealing with

Get the Right Help

While they may not be obvious, there are many resources out there to help you. Make sure you know how to Navigate the System.

Set up a management plan

Working together with the people in this child’s life, such as doctors and teachers, put together a management plan. Remember, it’s harder to parent these kids.


There may be medications that can significantly help with your child’s quality of life. Read here for more information.

Survival Strategies

Learn some survival strategies to help. You can also look at some tips to aid children with attention difficulties. If you are an educator, look at our survival strategies for educators. Do you have a friend who is depressed, reading this might help.

Utilize CYM’s Programs

At CYM we understand the difficulties you are facing. We are working to put together programs to help.

Help Others / Help CYM

Once you’ve reached this point, you’ve become familiar with the issues others in similar situations face. Why not help other people in a similar situation? One way to help is to volunteer for CYM.

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